Auto Detailing

Do you love it when your car is clean? Shiny on the outside, smelling good on the inside – that’s the best! Better yet, do you love it when YOU don’t have to do the cleaning? Puget Sound M.A.R.S. has the tools and training to provide high-quality auto detailing for your vehicle. The M.A.R.S. detailing service features top of the line products and tools to clean and condition the appearance of your vehicle. Let us restore the shine of your vehicle’s exterior and make the interior clean and fresh.

Between all of the kids’ sports gear, doggie car rides, road trips, and meals on the go, messes can accumulate rather quickly in our vehicles and they often don’t get dealt with right away. It seems like there’s never enough time in the day to keep the car clean, and when you have time off you want to spend it having fun – not cleaning! Get in touch with us at Puget Sound M.A.R.S. for the ultimate auto detailing service. We have normal business hours Monday – Friday and also take appointments for Saturdays for your convenience.

Wondering what our detailing services includes? We offer full service – interior and exterior, top to bottom, even engine bays. Inside, we use a steam cleaner to get rid of dirt and germs on upholstery and carpet.  Using high quality cleaners and microfiber cloths we wipe down surfaces and get into every nook and cranny. If you have deep stains, we will use the best products in the industry to treat them. We also clean and polish mirrors and glass, making headlights look shiny and bright.

Some of the products we use for auto detailing include:

  • Croftgate Wash n Wax
  • Quick n Slick – High performance polymer polish and paint protection
  • Croftgate Multi-Clean – Biodegradable multi-surface cleaner
  • Aquanil – Waterless wash and surface protectant
  • Aquanil-X – Waterless wash n wax
  • Tire Shine – Protects tires and wheels
  • Croftscent – A spray to freshen your vehicle
  • Leather Cream – To protect leather interior

We use only the best supplies and equipment. Plus, our team is specially trained with years of experience. Our operators hold certificates in advanced paint protection techniques for customers who want to take their car-care to the next level. If your car needs more than auto detailing to look its best, we’ll be sure to make recommendations and get you quotes for any reconditioning services you may be interested in. Ask us about aftermarket accessories and vehicle-specific products, too!

The way we price our detail services is by size: small for 2-door vehicles, medium for 4-door vehicles, large for SUV’s and trucks. Local dealerships take advantage of our wholesale/bulk pricing. A military discount in support of our troops is offered every day. In addition to vehicles, we detail motorcycles, boats, RV’s, and more. Every project is unique, so it’s always best to see in person to provide an accurate quote. For more information feel free to call us at (253) 380-8427, contact us through the website, or message us on Facebook anytime. Schedule your auto detailing appointment today!